Staatliche Mineralien-Niederlage, Freiberg, Sa, Germany

The famous mining academy in Freiberg, Germany was founded in November 1765 by Prince Xavier of Kursachsen, and its mineral museum was founded at the same time, probably based initially on the collection formed by C.E. Gellert (1713-1795). In 1767 the Academy established its own mineral dealership (Niederlage), probably for the purpose of supplying students with study specimens for their own collections. It eventually expanded to supply specimens and geological/mineralogical equipment to schools, students and collectors throughout Germany, Europe and America, advertising minerals, ores, rocks and fossils, in large collections and as individual specimens

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Number of labels found: 1

Label for Toluca meteorite

Label size: 5 x 4 cm
Image © Sergey Vasiliev