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The Meteorite Labels and Biographies Archive specializes in building a pictorial database of meteorite specimen labels and the biographical information they contain obtained from meteorite collectors, meteorite dealers and meteorite institutions and companies. The Meteorite Labels and Biographies Archive is continually being updated with new labels and biographical data. We welcome your submissions to our ever growing database of information.
My big thanks to all who provided the images and information for this website!
- Geoffrey Notkin / Aerolite Meteorites (6 labels)
- Sergey Vasiliev (62 labels)
- Andrzej Pilski (2 labels)
- A.K.Stanyukovich (6 labels)
- The Tricottet Collection / Dr Arnaud Mignan (38 labels)
- Luc Labenne (1 labels)
- Meteorite Recon (4 labels)
- CAILLOU NOIR (1 labels)
- Mining museum (St. Petersburg) (3 labels)
- Dr. Martin Horejsi (78 labels)
- The British and Irish Meteorite Society (5 labels)
- André Knöfel (9 labels)
- Rob Wesel (1 labels)
- Jan Woreczko (8 labels)
- Herbert Raab (15 labels)
- Michael Johnson (1 labels)
- Alexander Seidel (2 labels)
- (1 labels)
- M come Meteorite Meteorite & Minerals (2 labels)
- (3 labels)
- Tomasz Jakubowski Meteorite Collection (1 labels)
- Mike Bandli - Historic Meteorites (17 labels)
- METEORITICON (7 labels)
- John Higgins (6 labels)
- David Weir (30 labels)
- Mikael Vieira (45 labels)
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