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Simashko, Julian I.
(1821 - 1893)
Simashko (Julian I.) - writer (1821 - 1893). He graduated from the course in Pavlovsk Cadet Corps, was a teacher in Shlisselburg county college, then in Pavlovsk Corps. He was one of the founders of Entomological Society, organized a workshop manuals (for the firm J. Foss, 1859 - 1877), was the editor-publisher (1871 - 1876) the journal "Family and School". He was also the author of "Russian fauna" and geographical atlas. In his latest years Simashko studied and collected meteorites.
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Simashko's label for Estherville meteorite
Image © Andrzej Pilski

Simashko's label for Mighei meteorite
Image © Andrzej Pilski

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