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Boubée, Nérée
(1806 - 1862)
Prof. Nérée Boubée was born in Toulouse, France on May 12, 1806, and became a highly respected naturalist, geologist, author and lecturer at the University of Paris. He founded a natural-history supply house in Paris in 1845, under the name Éloffe & Compagnie, dealing in "rocks, minerals, fossils, plants, etc." Soon shells and birds were added before the "etc." and he also manufactured microscopes that carry his imprint. Though the Boubée name does not appear on the Éloffe labels, the labels for his successor company (called the Comptoir Central d'Histoire Naturelle, under his son E. Boubée) stated that it was:"Maison fondée par Nérée Boubée en 1845 sous la raison sociale Éloffe & Cie." -- "The house founded by Nérée Boubée in 1845 under the corporate name of Éloffe & Company."

Nérée Boubée published several works of his own, including Géologie élémentaire à la portée de tout le monde (1833), in which he postulated a "deluge of cometary origin." When he died on August 2, 1862 (in Luchon, where he was buried) the company was inherited by his son E. Boubée, who renamed it the Comptoir Central d'Histoire Naturelle. The company headquarters were moved, from the rue École-de-Médecine to the Place St-Andrés-des-Artes. He billed himself as "naturalist" and as the successor to the Éloffe Company. He was a meticulous cataloger, and his labels commonly include lengthy inscriptions describing the specimen. By 1937, however, his mineral sales had declined to almost nothing. Most of his personal collection was sold to the Sorbonne. Wanting to clear out his remaining study-grade mineral stock, he made an arrangement with mineral dealer Fred Cassirer for Cassirer to help him sell his remaining minerals to American buyers and split the profits. In that way many Boubée specimen came to the United States.

When E. Boubée died the firm was taken over by the grandson, Nérée Boubée II, who renamed the company after himself, "N. Boubée," and greatly expanded the science publishing branch. He died in the 1960's. A label exists (the last one shown here) showing that Nérée Boubée II moved the company to 87, rue Monge, and changed the company name (at least temporarily) to "Laboratoire Européen de Sciences Naturelles." The Société Nouvelle des Editions Nérée Boubée still exists today, at the rue Monge address, and also at 9 rue de Savoie, in Paris.
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